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Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences is one of the leading chemical institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). At present, the Institute has more than one thousand employees. The staff scientists, including 9 academicians and 9 associated members of the RAS,94 doctors of science (Ph.D.), and 259 candidates of science (Cand.Sci.), carry out both fundamental and applied research in various fields of physical chemistry.

The Institute has accumulated a high scientific potential and conducts basic investigations, both venture and targeted, in various directions including colloidal-surface phenomena and adsorption processes, physical chemistry of nanodimensional and supramolecular systems, physicochemical problems of corrosion and corrosion protection, protective coatings, crystallization, radiation chemistry, high-energy chemistry, and electrochemistry.

And nowadays, the Institute continues to develop in correspondence with modern trends in science on the whole and in physical chemistry in particular. Investigations in the main directions of research are now headed by academicians I.P. Beletskaya, B.F. Myasoedov, A.I. Rusanov, Yu.D. Tret’yakov, and A.Yu. Tsivadze and by associated academy members Yu.M. Polukarov, I.V. Melikhov and Yu.A. Chizmadzhev.

All the recent achievements in research are based on the unique experimental facilities, which make the Institute capable of conducting investigations on high technical and methodological level. In 2002, the Center of Physical Methods of Investigation was organized in order to increase the efficiency of research and make the advanced methods readily accessible for all departments of the Institute. The Institute also has its own corrosion test stations for field studies in Moscow, Zvenigorod, Murmansk and Vladivostok.

The Institute cooperates with the leading national academies of sciences, universities, and research institutes in Europe, America, and the rest world. Scientists of the Institute actively participate in many international scientific congresses and conferences, and their monographs have been translated and published in many countries. The Institute closely collaborates in various fields of applied research with large enterprises of the RF Ministry of Atomic Energy, the RF Ministry of Defense, and other federal organizations. The Institute has contracts with companies and scientific centers of France, Germany, India, Korea, USA, and other countries. The results of research performed at the Institute are published in the leading scientific journals.



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