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Formation and Development of the Main Directions of Researches

The Institute has become a base for several famous scientific schools with rich traditions and it gained considerable research potential in the main directions of investigation. These scientific schools and research directions were founded and developed by outstanding scientists.

Scientific school of Academician V.A. KISTJAKOVSKY


Scientific school of Academician P.A. REBINDER


Scientific school of Academician B.V. DERJAGIN


Scientific school of Academician A.N. FRUMKIN

Frumkin A. N.

Scientific school of Academician V.E. KAZARINOV

Scientific school of Academician G.V. AKIMOV

Член-корреспондент Г.В. Акимов

Scientific school of Academician M.M. DUBININ


Scientific school of Academician V.I. SPITSYN

Spitsin V. I.

In 1990s, many laboratories of the Institute included new directions of research into their programs. In 2002, the Laboratory of New Physicochemical Problems was organized and headed by academician A.Yu. Tsivadze. In the development of these trends, nine laboratories and a number of authorized specialists from other groups formed a new section at the Scientific Council of the Institute. This section, engaged in the physical chemistry of nanodimensional and supramolecular systems, is also headed by Tsivadze. Another new laboratory, headed by academician B.F. Myasoedov, was organized in 2003 in order to solve Radioecological and radiation problems.

Ya.A. Gagarin and P.A. RebinderYu.A. Gagarin, the first astronaut in the word, and academician P.A. Rebinder
A.N. Frumkin and V.N SpitsynAcademicians A.N. Frumkin and V.N Spitsyn on a meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Physical Chemistry
G_S_S_KProf. A.D. Gel’man, Nobel Prize Winner Prof. G.T. Seaborg (USA), academician V.I. Spitsyn, and Prof. N. N. Krot (left to right) at the Institute of Physical Chemistry

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