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Scientific, Research and Dissertation Councils

The Institute always played an important role in the coordination of basic and applied research in Russia in the fields corresponding to its main scientific directions. In particular, the Institute performed tremendous work in 1970–1980s as a scientific supervisor and coordinator of works according to the State Program devoted to the prevention of corrosive and erosive damage of metals, alloys, and other construction materials.

At present, the Institute hosts three Scientific Councils of the RAS, the Coordination Council on the basic research program “New Approaches to Increasing the Corrosion Resistance and Radiation Stability of Materials and Radioecological Safety” at the Department of Chemistry and Materials Sciences of the RAS, and the inter-institution seminar “Nanoparticles and Self-Organization Phenomena”.

The Institute cooperates with the leading national academies of sciences, universities, and research institutes in Europe, America, and the rest world. Scientists of the Institute actively participate in many international scientific congresses and conferences, and their monographs have been translated and published in many countries. The Institute closely collaborates in various fields of applied research with large enterprises of the RF Ministry of Atomic Energy, the RF Ministry of Defense, and other federal organizations. The Institute has contracts with companies and scientific centers of France, Germany, India, Korea, USA, and other countries. The results of research performed at the Institute are published in the leading scientific journals. Only during the last four years (2001-2004) more than 1000 scientific papers have been published, among them, about one quarter have appeared in international journals.

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