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Scientific school of Academician V.I. SPITSYN

Associated academy member (elected academician in 1958) Prof. V.I. SPITSYN came to the Institute in 1951 and headed the Laboratory of Radiochemistry, which was reorganized in 1953 into the Radiochemistry Department. This was done in accordance with a decision of the USSR Government aimed at the development of radiochemistry and the preparation of high-quality specialists in this field. The need in extensive investigations into the chemistry of radioactive elements, the development of methods for the separation and extraction of such elements, and the study of related problems in quantum chemistry and the action of ionizing radiation upon various materials were related to the creation and rapid progress of the atomic industry.


Spitsyn personally conducted and guided investigations in the field of inorganic chemistry, radiochemistry, and physical chemistry. Under this guidance, the Radiochemistry Department became a large and powerful research organization. Specialists of this department participated in solving important problems pertaining to the creation and development of the nuclear fuel technology, including the processing of radioactive wastes and the isolation of individual isotopes for subsequent practical use.

Professor A.D. GEL’MAN (1902 -1994) made a very important contribution to the modern chemistry of coordination compounds and radiochemistry. She was an Honored Scientist and Technologist of Russia and won two State Prizes in Science and Technology and two Mendeleev Prizes of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Gel’man participated in obtaining the first batches of plutonium for atomic weapons in the USSR and opened, in cooperation with Prof. N.N. KROT, a septavalent state of neptunium, plutonium, and americium.

Associated academy member Prof. A.K. PIKAEV (1930 -2002) was a well-known specialist in physical and radiation chemistry, radiation technologies, and radiochemistry, and he greatly contributed to the development of investigations in these fields in the Institute. Pikaev studied the radiation chemistry of gases, aqueous solutions, and organic compounds, pulse radiolysis, and applied radiation chemistry. For the outstanding achievements in these fields, Prof. Pikaev was awarded the M. Sklodowska-Curie medal.

Among those who performed basic investigations and applied research in the Radiochemistry Department of the Institute were many other recognized specialists in radiochemistry, radiation chemistry, and radioecology, including the Lenin Prize winners N.E. Brezhneva and B.A. Zaitsev, the Khlopin Prize winner V.V. Gromov, P.Ya. Glazunov, P.P. Nazarov, P.S. Perminov, S.N. Oziraner, A.F. Kuzina, and V.D. Balukova.

At present, investigations in these fields are continued by well-known scientists – laboratory heads, leading scientific coworkers, professors, State Prize winners – N.N. Krot, N.B. Mikheev, G.V Korpusov, G.V. Ionova, B.G. Ershov, V.F. Peretrukhin, V.P. Shilov, V.Ya. Kabanov, V.M. Gelis, A.M. Fedoseev, M.S Grigor’ev, I.M. Kosareva, S.I. Kulyukhin, I.E. Makarov, I.G. Tananaev, AS.V. Ponomasrev, A.B. Yusov, and E.V. Zakharova.

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