Scientific school of Academician A.N. FRUMKIN | Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientific school of Academician A.N. FRUMKIN

In 1939, Kistyakovsky retired and the Colloidal-Electrochemical Institute was headed by academician A.N.FRUMKIN, who was also a Director of the Department of Electrochemistry. Frumkin was an outstanding specialist in physical chemistry, a founder of electrochemistry in the Soviet Union, and a world-recognized scientist. In various years, Frumkin headed the Department of Surface Phenomena at the Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry (1924–1946) and was a deputy director of this institute (1929–1944). He also headed the Electrochemistry Chair at the Department of chemistry of the Moscow State University (1933–1976).


He was a member of editorial boards of many Russian and international scientific journals, founded the Russian journal “Elektrokhimiya” (Electrochemistry), and was the editor-in-chief of this journal in 1965–1976. Academician Frumkin was awarded three Lenin Awards (the highest award of the former USSR), three Labor Red Banner awards, and many medals. He was a winner of the Lenin Prize, three State Prizes in Science and Technology, and had a title of the Socialist Labor Hero. Frumkin was an honored member of many national academies of sciences, an honored doctor in many universities, and received a Palladium Medal of the American Electrochemical Society.

Professor N.A. BAKH (1895 – 1979) came to the Institute of Physical Chemistry in 1946 and headed the Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry. In 1957, this laboratory (together with the Department of Electrochemistry) entered into the newly organized Institute of Electrochemistry headed by academician Frumkin. Bakh was among the founders of radiation chemistry and a world-recognized specialist in radiation-chemical synthesis and oxidation of organic compounds. In 1954, she organized an analogous Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry at the Moscow State University. Professor Bakh was the author of the first course of lectures on the radiation chemistry and a teacher for numerous young specialists in this field. For twenty years Bakh was the Chairman of the Radiation Chemistry Section of the Scientific Council on High-Energy Chemistry at the USSR Academy of Sciences. For many years she was an editor of the International Journal for Radiation Physics and Chemistry. The scientific achievements of Bakh were marked by Lenin Award, Labor Red Banner, Red Star, and Sign of Honor awards, and the title of the Honored Scientist and Technologist of Russia.

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