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Scientific school of Academician B.V. DERJAGIN

In 1936, the Laboratory of Surface Forces at the Colloidal-Electrochemical Institute was headed by associated academy member (later, academician) Prof. B.V. DERJAGIN. This Laboratory was retained in the Institute of Physical Chemistry and in 1965 increased its status to become the Department of Surface Forces comprising several laboratories. Academician Deryagin initiated and guided investigations of the properties of thin liquid layers and the entire complex of surface phenomena. Deryagin created the quantitative theory of stability of colloidal systems (known as the DLFO theory), the theory of molecular friction (the two-term Deryagin law is described in handbooks on physical chemistry), the method of wetting angle calculation using the isotherms of disjoining pressure in films (known as the Frumkin-Deryagin theory), and the theory of adhesive forces. .


Deryagin discovered the phenomenon of diffusive phoresis in solution and performed direct measurements of the force of molecular attraction (this achievement was marked by the Lomonosov Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1958).

The results obtained by Deryagin in the investigation of surface phenomena involved in crystallization led to discoveries making possible the synthesis of diamonds, diamond films, and diamondlike materials at low pressures. This is only a brief list of the scientific achievements of Deryagin who lived for more than 91 years.

His ideas are developed in the investigations of laboratories headed by V.D. Sobolev, O.I. Vinogradova, B.V. Spitsyn, A.M. Emel’yanenko, and I.G. Varshavskaya and in the works of Prof. N.V. Churaev.

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