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Scientific school of Academician P.A. REBINDER

In 1935, when the Colloidal-Electrochemical Institute was just organized, a young associated academy member (since 1946, academician) P.A. REBINDER (1989–1972) was invited to guide the research in a number of important directions, including the formation of disperse systems, their stability and breakage, surface and interfacial phenomena, and the molecular mechanisms of surfactant action. Rebinder organized the Department of Disperse Systems (1945) and the Department of Polymeric Coatings (1959). It was academician Rebinder who introduced into science the concept of surface activity as a strictly defined thermodynamic characteristic of surfactants. In 1928, he discovered the phenomenon (called the Rebinder effect) of the adsorption-induced decrease in the strength of solids. Investigations in this direction led to the formation and development of a new field of physical chemistry: physicochemical mechanics. In 1958, Rebinder organized and headed the Scientific Council on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics at the Academy of Sciences. .


..In 1960, the new Department of Polymeric Coatings was headed by Professor P.I. ZUBOV (1906 -1986), an Honored Scientist and Technologist of Russia. Zubov founded and guided investigations into the physicochemical principles of the formation of high-quality durable polymeric coatings. The main directions of research in his department were related to the processes of structure formation in polymer solutions, dispersions, gels, films, and coatings and to the development of methods for controlling these processes and obtaining polymeric materials with preset physicochemical properties. Zubov discovered the phenomenon of thixotropic decrease of internal stresses in polymeric systems, which open ways to the development of substantially new methods for decreasing internal stresses–a factor determining the working life of coatings and glue layers. Professor Zubov was a deputy director of the Colloidal-Electrochemical Institute, a director of the Moscow Institute (University) of Fine Chemical Technology, and a deputy director and general director of the Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry.

Students and followers

Profs. A.A. Trapeznikov, E.D. Shchukin, N.B. Urev

Students and followers of the scientific school of academician P.A. Rebinder,
Profs. A.A. Trapeznikov, E.D. Shchukin, N.B. Ur’ev

The directions of research outlined by the works and ideas of Rebinder and Zubov are now successfully developed in the laboratories headed by A.I. Malkin, V.A. Lomovskoi, N.B. Ur’ev, V.A. Ogarev, V.V. Arslanov, and V.I. Roldugin.

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