Science | Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Fundamental research, innovation and applied investigations IPCE RAS present generalization of the research results f of considerable interest for implementation in various fields such as energy, environmental, chemical industry, special machinery, agriculture, medicine, etc.

  • The great attention has been payed to nanomaterials and nanotechnology, the urgent ecology issues such as recycling renewable man-made toxic biohazard waste, disposal of sewage and exhast gas, potable water treatment, the localization of radioactive iodine in nuclear power station, the localization of radionuclides and toxic ingredients, processing and disposal of radioactive waste.
  • Materials on the issues of energy and energy conservation include fuel cells, lithium batteries, solar cell panels, alternative fuels and also the methods for diagnosis of lithium batteries.
  • The methods and means of corrosion protection include volatile inhibitors, the technology for corrosion monitoring of underground structures, temperature resistant, durable, protective  materials and coatings. Small section is about polymers, mostly of electrochromic polymer materials.
  • Adsorption processes and chromatography integrate a wide spectrum of problems ranging from nanoporous materials for adsorption and hydrogen storage to the development of modern physicochemical methods of impurities analysis in the components of rocket fuels.
  • The Institute carry out  bioelektrochemical investigations that are essential for many problems in various fields of medicine, developed electroanalytical system for drug identification and psychoactive substances.


The Institute is ready to cooperate with organizations interested
in using of our developments, most of which are patented.

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