Laboratory of Synthesis and Study of Sorbents | Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Laboratory of Synthesis and Study of Sorbents


Head of Laboratory:

Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Galina Anatol’evna PETUKHOVA

Phone: +7(495)955-44-19
E- mail:

Main directions of research:

  • Development of the scientific and technological principles of the synthesis of carbon-containing sorbents with preset properties;
  • prediction of the adsorption properties and structural parameters of such synthetic sorbents;
  • theoretical and experimental study of the dynamics of adsorption of individual substances and their mixtures on thin sorbent layers;
  • adsorption of very small (trace) amounts of substances and mixtures on various sorbents;
  • thermodynamics of adsorption of organic substances (including biologically active compounds) from solutions on solid surfaces.
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