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Alternative method of obtaining 99mTc for the medical purposes

In connection with the curtailment by Canada the deliveries of the fragmentation of 99Mo into the different countries of peace, arose the problems with obtaining of 99mTc for conducting diagnostics in medicine.    In essence, practical medicine is ensured 99mTc, in an obtained sorption manner with the use of fragmentation of 99Mo.   Obtaining 99Mo from irradiated uranium – this is the labor-consuming, complex and expensive work, which requires deep removal of large number of radioactive admixtures from molybdenum. Therefore in [IFKHE] RAN [Russian Academy of Science], g. Moscow was developed the cheaper, simpler method of industrial obtaining of 99mTc from 99Mo and was created extraction centrifugal [poluprotivotochnyy] [generator]99mTc.   In the radium institute [im]. [V].[G].[Khlopina] g. Saint Petersburg obtains 99mTc using the method in question. At the basis of the method of the separation of 99Mo and 99mTc lies the process of the extraction of 99mTc from the alkaline solution of molybdenum by methylethylketone.    Initial product in this technology is the natural or enriched isotope of 98Mo, in which after irradiation in the nuclear reactor is accumulated 99Mo. This method of obtaining provides the high [radionuklidnuyu] cleanliness of 99mTc, since the possibility of the pollution of end product by the radio-toxic admixtures, such as are 131I, 103Ru, 95Zr, 188 Re and other, is excluded Each party [RFP] passes thorough checking, while eluate from the sorption generator daily checking in the clinics it does not undergo.   The technological process of the industrial production of 99mTc is neglected in “scientific production association radium institute [im]. [V].[G].[Khlopina]” [g].[Sankt]- Petersburg in 1993. and 25 clinics of city are ensured by technecium on the present time. In 2007 began the industrial production of 99mTc of medical designation at the plant “[Medradiopreparat]” in g. To Moscow, which also is used in the clinics for the diagnostic purposes.

The fundamental characteristics of the generator of 99mTc are given below:

  • the summary activity of initial [radionuklidnoy] mixture 99[Mo] – 99mTc it can compose order 30 Curie;
  • radiochemical cleanliness exceeds 99%;
  • the time of the extraction isolation of 99mTc 6-8 min.;
  • the output of end product is not less than 95%;
  • the volume of extract is within the limits of 40- of 50 ml;
  • the content 99[Mo] in the end product is not more than 10-5%;
  • concentration MEK in the solution of 99mTc is not more than 0,04[mg]/[ml];
  • the values of [rN] of the aqueous solution of 99mTc be within the limits of 6,0 -7,0;
  • volumetric activity can be obtained it is 5th 10 [GBk]/[ml];
  • total time of the final product is less than 90 minutes.

Technecium – 99[m], produced on our technology, on the quality exceeds, and on the cost is lower than technecium, obtained by sorption method.

Overall dimensions of the extractor:  a height – is 400 mm; diameter – 200 mm; weight – about 15kg.

The generators of technecium – 99[m] is prepared from the stainless steel of high quality. The developed by us technologies of obtaining radionuclides 90Y, 99mTc, 188Re can compose competition to world firms, which work in this the field, and the created generators are protected by 9-[yuavtorskimi] evidence of the USSR and by 5-[yupatentami] RF.
The respected associates, proposed to technology give the possibility to ensure the cities largest on the number with the radionuclides indicated. We propose collaboration in different aspects of problems described above and, in the case of the appearance in you of an interest, they are ready to discuss all technical and financial questions. We would want to obtain answer to our proposal on the electronic mail from you (Contact face: Alexander [Filyanin], e-mail:

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