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Novelty book «Nanocomposity metal – ion exchanger»

THE MONOGRAPH  T.Kravchenko (VSU), L. Polyanskiy (VSU), A.Kalinitchev (IPСE RAS), D.Konev (VSU) “NANOCOMPOSITY METAL – ION EXCHANGER”. Voronezh State University (VSU), 2009 – M.: “Nauka” ( “Science” ), 391p.

The Monograph is approved for publication by two Scientific Councils :
A.N. FRUMKIN Institute of Physical Chemistry & Electrochemistry RAS, VORONEZH State University



  • Energy saturated Nano Composites ( NC ) materials: “Metal – ion exchangers” are considered in  the  Monograph.  The Nano Composites are used  for  the  intensification  of   the chemical, electrochemical  and  sorption processes  in NanoScience.
  • There  are underlined advantages of the ion exchange (IEx) matrixes for the  chemical directional synthesis, stabilization of the Metal NanoParticles (NP) and realization of the desired process in the NanoPorous space of the matrixes.
  • It  is  systematizated and generalized the available information  concerning known classes of the NC Metal – ion exchangers.
  • For  the  first time in the full size there are presented the fundamental physico-chemical basis of the redox-sorption, which play the definite role in the  generation and application of  the NC Metal-ion exchangers as the sorbents : thermodynamics, macrokinetics and dynamics. It is shown the accelerating operation of the Nano-Sized factors.
  • The  are given the theoretical reasons  of the sorption methods with  the NC usage and described the installations for the economical and ecological advisable removal of the molecular oxygen from liquids  and gases including concentrating of heavy metals from the complex compositions in solutions.

For  the specialists  in the field of the physical chemistry  of the NanoSystems, sorption and oxidation-reaction processes and technology for water treatment, removal of the oxygen from gases, corrosion protection, recovery and concentrating of Metals, environmental protection.

Principal researcher of the Laboratory of Physicochemical Principles of Chromatography and Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry, Anatoliy Iv. Kalinitchev, Doctor of Science (Chemistry)

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